Alexandria "Alex" Roth is a new grade ten student at A. Nigma high. She lives with her father, who is a big-budget movie producer. Her sister, Sam, died when she was driving Alex and her best friend, Emily, to the movies. They were hit by a drunken driver. Alex used to be a cheerleader and had big dreams of being an actress, but those faded when she lost her sister. After Sam died, her parents split up and Alex decided to stay with her father in Canada.

Though they moved around a lot, because of his career, Alex has a lot of knows many languages and has many connections to people. On her first day at her new school, Alex had lost one of contacts and somehow made her way backstage at the assembly (which was being held at the time) and knocked over a Chiquita-Leader. This caused the girl to mess up the entire routine and break her arms and left leg. Soon, Alex was caught by Barrage and sentenced to a year's detention (By the Chiquita-Leader's family filing a lawsuit). There, she met Biffy and Lee: They soon became her friends, asking advice about girls. In the end, Alex helps Lee get Tina. Alex is described by having frizzy, raven black hair, with jade eyes, and pale skin. Alex will never wear her glasses unless she's sick. She loves Dudes of Darkness. She is also very gifted in art and acting. She has a total of four ear lobe piercings (on both ears), an industrial/bar piercing (on her right ear), a tragus and helix (on left ear). She has two facial piercings: one on her upper lip and finally an eyebrow piercing on her right brow. (Fun Fact: Lee starts calling her Pin Cushion because of all her piercings.)