Bela Legendre is the principal of Basil Hagen's old school. He can be best described as a part hippie, part goth, part voodoo practitioner. While having not yet made an appearance, he has been mentioned as not being as bad as Barrage. He is the owner of Murder, a large turkey vulture and Basil's archenemy.

It is later revealed that Barrage and Legendre are friends. The two use Murder to discover what happens when Murder can't find Basil. Chaos happens as Murder goes after Lee Ping and Tina Kwee.

Prior to Stranger in a Strange SchoolEdit

Stranger in a Strange SchoolEdit




Legendre's pet, Murder is a vulture that takes much joy in hunting Basil. Legendre views Murder as just not a pet but a weapon as well and something to be experimented with.

Principal General BarrageEdit

A friend of Legendre's, Barrage and Legendre first met as kids in boarding school They share a cruel sense of humour with both having an interest in what happens when Murder can't find Basil.

Basil HagenEdit

Not much of a relationship has been shown between Basil and Legendre. It has been implied that it is most likely an antagonistic relationship. It has also been implied that Basil has been a victim of one of Legendre's voodoo dolls.