plot-From Coral Grove with Love Edit

This movie picks up where Date of Destiny finished off,When the unnamed council member is caught sneaking out by His Enimences look-a-likes he asks him for a plan but then the all point out the crystallisers on him and then he tries to convince them to not do it he pulls out a crystalliser mini and shoots them without seeing their reaction (exactly like a James Bond Opening) and then comes a title sequence (exactly like Spider-Man (2002) ) after the boring-Isly long credits scene we head over to Lee and his friends as they have already head home

Captain Canada:The Summer Soldier Edit

Now that Lee has finally cleared his name he heads home to have a rest and then the next morning and then he gets kidnapped by the member as he takes him to Area 52 his new army facility and now Lee is an agent at area 52 and now his friends know they call him up and lee heads into crazy shock as he finds out that his father has been killed like spider-man (2002) he hunts the killer down and kills him

The Council Strikes Back! Edit

Lee heads home and Cassandra tells her brother that there is a great disturbance in Mann,Wurst and Finnwich and he needs to find Lee and hunt him down as Lee and Brandy go into the pings car and drives to a.nigma to go on the next submarine to coral grove as they get there they try to sneak to the underground and find Cassandra's Brother and confront him after a long time of searching they find his brother and use swords to fight and then Cassandra's Brother chops lees hand off and tells him shocking news (like The Empire Strikes Back!)

Cassandra's Brother:"if only you knew the true power of Mann,wurst and Finnwich.if only you knew what happened to you're father 'Lee:"Jenny told me enough...she told me you killed him!" Cassandras Brother:"No,I am you're father" Lee:" that's not true...THATS IMPOSSIBLE!!NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...NOOOOOOOOOO!!! Cassandras Brother:"Join me and together we shall defeat the pyramid,and rule the world as father and son" Lee:"I'll never join you!"

So then he caught a sub back home as he went inside a clone lab as a Spy Kids 2-like ending ending off with jenny singing on stage Prison of Dreams (Simular to Spy Kids 2)

                               THE END