Detentionaire II is a four season series succeding Detentionaire Season 4

list of season five episodes Edit

Date with Destiny Part II Return of the Clones Brick Mcslam VI Pyramid trap Mysteries of Coral Grove The New Chaz's corner The Dance Part 3 The Dance Part 4 Army of Reaper Mats Rise of the Clones Part 1 Rise of the Clones Part 2 Rise of the Clones Part 3 Rise of the Clones Part 4

list of season six episodes Edit

A. Nigma High 2 The Council Strike Back! Home of the Conspiracy A. Nigma Terminators The Two Pyramids Mann,Wurst and Finnwich Time Travel Back To the Past Part 1 Back To the past part 2 BTTP Part 3 BTTP Part 4 Revenge of the Terminator Mats! Part 1 Revenge of the Terminator Mats! Part 2

List of season Seven episodes Edit

Pranks,Mysteries and A New Era The Wurst They Can Do Chaz's Adventure Secret Investigation The search for Lee Ping The Retaliation of Radcircles OUTTASPACE! Part 1 OUTTASPACE! Part 2 Plan of the Terminator The Wurst Mystery Ever Insane To Hardcore Part 1 Insane To Hardcore Part 2 Insane To hardcore Part 3

list of season eight episodes Edit

One More Chance... The Wurst thing To Do Hardcore Mysteries Revenge of the Phones The Dance Continues... The Clones Return The Last Conspiracy The Return To Coral Grove Darkness Mysteries of the Universe The Big Flip Chaz's Escape Part 1 Chaz's Escape Part 2 Chaz vs. the Empire