Detentionaire Limited is a television series created by Nelvana. The show stars Lee Ping, your average, everyday tenth grader, who gets framed for the biggest prank in High School history: dropping paint and stinkbombs on the students, and playing hypnotising music when the new principal is in the gym. This is a reimagining of the original Detentionaire television series, and includes a new character who is based off the writer.

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It has been confirmed that there will be 14 episodes in Season 1, as well as 13 in the following three seasons..

Season 1Edit

Episode Name Episode Number First Aired (Canada) First Aired (America)
Blitzkrieg Bop'd 001 September 2013 December 2013
Jock and Roll High School 002 September 2013 December 2013
Skate or Die 003 September 2013 December 2013
Math Math Revolution 004 September 2013 December 2013
Friday Night Bites 05 October 2013 January 2014
Dudes of Darkness (episode) 006 October 2013 January 2014
28 Sneezes Later 007 October 2013 January 2014
Disco History Times 008 October 2013 January 2014
15th Graders 009 October 2013 January 2014
Welcome to Factory Island 010 December 2013 February 2014
The Tag Along 011 December 2013 February 2014
The Down With Lee Club 012 December 2013 February 2014
The Hair Incident 013 December 2013 February 2014
Chaz's Corner 014 December 2013 February 2014

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit

Season 4Edit

Alternate Universe Episodes Edit

On Goldman27's blog on Detentionaire Wiki titled "Detentionaire follow-up series" the blogger said that someone on the Comments section of Game of Clones asked a crap ton of question and he's right so now here's the answer to all of his question with these alternate Detentionaire Limited episodes each lasting 150 minutes each so here's the Names (episode 5 is more aimed towards the person who was asking all those questions)

1.The Pyramid

2.Serpent Training

3.The Time Portal

4.Constrution of Coral grove

5. Mysteries of Detentionaire

6.History of the Main Characters

7.Ask Elizebeth Mann