Hugo Panty is the main character in fanfiction.It is the main character of fanfiction.The first day of new year at new school, he made a prank in which he is not responsable.Because of that, he has one year in detention.It is a secondary.

History Edit

Before arrival a A Nigma High Edit

Before his arrival at school, Hugo was in elementary school during the 6 year.In infant school, he met Cole,in the 4th Grade he was friends with Nina and his 5th Grade at Cole and he falls in love with Kira, a girl of the same grade as them.At the end of its the 6th grade, Cole, Nina, Kira and Hugo finds himself in the same school.

Arrival a A Nigma High Edit

Hugo is glad to see Nina and Cole and made ​​a new friend, Lee Ping.He is also happy to see her little Kira becomes copine.But because of a big joke, Hugo has one year detention with Scott.Il promises to unmask the culprit who is going to prove it and did nothing.

Family Edit

Hugo has a mother, father and sister diabolical.His mother is kind and sometimes serious, his father is great and sometimes passes through tunnels and her sister is like a tomboy, she loves what is scary.

All about Hugo Edit

Hugo Panty has black hair and red highlights.He like spending time with his friends Cole and Nina.Since it is a A Nigma, it has already Tina, Lee and Scott as friends.Sometimes it does not support his evil sister.

Relationship at shcool Edit

Cole: Cole is the best friend of Hugo

Nina: Nina is a friend of Hugo

Lee Ping:New Friend of Hugo

Kira:Kira is Hugo's girlfriend

Tine Kwee:She does everything to get the scoop of the stuffing that Hugo has