Warning! Spoilers of new chapters! Read at your own risk! Title is a typo!

Lorelei Liang is a character in lizziending73's Wattpad story Detentionaire:The New Girl.

She used to have black hair with a bluish turquoise stripe down the side, like The Serpent. She has a lime green t-shirt under a pink cardigan. She also has black Converse and roller shoes with black jeans. When she was kidnapped as a baby Cassandra gave her a false name and false age. Currently the same age as the Serpent. When she was 12 but supposedly '8' she was given a very sharp katana with an aqua handle. She also wears the same necklace as the Serpent, tucked in her shirt.

Cassandra dyed her hair red to cover up the resemblance she had of her mother and the Serpent. However she (Loralei) dyes it back in the second chapter.

Her friendship with the Serpent concerns her friends Jenny, Lee and Tina, as they are worried she'll like him, and, well, we all know what happens in Serpent Strike. Laurel assures them it's nothing, but they grow VERY suspicious when a tape is sent to the Ping house of Loralei and the Serpent.

The Council nicknamed her 'Anaconda' after her first mission, when she came up with a move called the Anaconda Ambush. She used to work for them, until she was taken to Coral Grove, having being found out.

In the last chapter, soon to be written, she and the Serpent end up dating, in a steady relationship. However, Loralei points out, when Lee and Tina kiss, that she wants to puke, and the Serpent agrees.