Preston Peter Russell Malley is the cousin of Basil Hagen from Cassius Hagen's side of the family.


Peter is brutal and cruel.He believes in "strong emotions and weak emotions" and thus is a regular jerk. He has a superiority complex and thus believes that he should have been Preston Hagen's favourite grandson.

He has a cruel sense of humour and can't help but 'sign his name.' An sample of this is that he owns a fake but real looking gun that has a flag come out it when the trigger is pulled. On the flag, instead of the word "BANG!" on it it has his full name on it.

Peter has a lack of morals. While Basil won't hit a member of his family, Peter has no problems with this: having hit Basil over the back of the head with Basil's own ukulele also showing Peter to be something of a coward.