Xanadu is the High School that Basil Hagen use to attend. The Principal of the school is Bela Legendre, a voodoo master and longtime friend of Barrage. The principal before Legendre had died of a heart attack despite not having any heart problems.


Bela Legendre: The Principal of Xanadu, Legendre is a voodoo master who makes use of voodoo any time he sees fit. It is heavily implied that Basil was a victim of one of Legendre's voodoo dolls one too many times.

Clarence: The Vice Principal of Xanadu, Clarence is an ex-prison guard and is considered by the student body to be worse than Legendre. He speaks loudly and often uses threats of violence to control the student body. The most recurring threat is him threatening to release the school mascot: an iguana that has been mutated into a crocodile-sized monitor lizard that is referred to as "the Dragon."

Mr. McElroy: The History teacher and a rather enthusiastic expert on Egyptology. His enthusiasm goes so far that he made his entire class about Egypt leading to some troubles with tests and exams.